(PhiBrows Techique)

Individual hair strokes are microbladed into the skin using a manual hand tool (not machine). This techique create the look of real eyebrow hairs by tattooing very fine hair-like strokes in the skin.

Requires 2 sessions to complete: Initial and the Touch Up

After the 2 sessions have been completed the tattoo generally retains 1-2 years before requiring another touch up.

 Not suitable for oily skin.


$450 (No touch-up included)

Touch-up 5-6 weeks after 1st session – $120

What is Phibrows ?

 All the Phi artist are follow a specific method that is through a rigorous training . This kind of course required the artist to pass 11 levels to ensure that their work maintain a high standard, the Phibrows standards.

The Phibrows method and tools have been meticulously designed to aid their trained artists in producing very precise hairstrokes that goes with the natural shape of the client’s face and bone structure.



This technique is done with a machine using a very fine tattoo needle that creates tiny pixels and gradually shades from lightly colored fronts into a darker mid and tail. Last around 2 years or longer and its recommended to all skin types (oily, dry ,normal or combination).
This service requires 2 sessions to complete: Initial and Required Touch Up

$470 (No touch-up included)
Touch-up 5-6 weeks after 1st session – $130



Mix of Microblading strokes done with manual tool at the front brow and Shading technique using machine mid and tail area. Lasts between 1-2 years.
Not best suited for oily skin.

$470 (No touch-up included)
Touch-up 5-6 weeks after 1st session – $130


The newest technique of Nano Brows and very advanced .
It’s a mix of strokes and shading, everything is done with the tattoo machine only.
Hair strokes are created throughout the border of your brows followed by shading in the mid to tail area.
It’s a great option for all skin types.
Oily skin with larger pores will typically the tattoo will last about 1-2 years where as dry skin with little to no pores the tattoo will last up to 3 years.

$500 (No touch-up included)
Touch-up 5-6 weeks after 1st session – $150


*New Lip and Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo*

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, procedure that adds a light tint to the lips . It also corrects any asymmetry or darkness, giving your lips a very youthful appearance. This treatment its not meant to look like a lipstick, will look very soft and natural after healing.
Most lip blush tattoos are designed to last two to three years.
Special Price – $300 (Normal Price $450)
5-6 weeks Touch up – $80 (Normal Price $120)

Who’s not suitable for Tattoo?


Breast feeding



Hepatitis (all types)


Autoimune system diesis

Problem healing


Keloids scar


Cardiovascular problems

Infection diseases

Blood thinning medication (stop taking them with 2 days before treatment)

Branko Babic – Story about Phi

What is the healing time after my tattoo procedure?

  • The full healing process takes 6-8 weeks; however, your visible top layers of skin will heal and your epidermis will naturally shed after 2 weeks.
  • You will experience slight swelling, itchiness and peeling.
  • Expect your tattoo to appear darker for the first few days.
  • As your skin heals, your tattoo will become softened.
  • It is typical to loose 30-50% percent of your color after your first session for eyebrows.
  • Any loss of color, intensity or fade can be re-implanted during your second session.
  • Desired density will also be perfected at this time.
  • Failure to follow pre and post care instructions may lead to infection, discoloration and loss of pigment.
  • Color softens as it heals, color is less intense and defined.
  • A touch up may or may not be necessary. Once the healing process is complete, final results can be determined.

Does a cosmetic tattoo hurt?

  • Everyone has a different level of pain sensitivity.
  • Before and during the procedure a topical anesthetic is applied to alleviate discomfort.
  • Every effort is made to ensure your experience is as painless as possible. I would say it is no more uncomfortable then a wax.


This cosmetic tattoo methods are semi-permanent, not permanent! Will heal soft and natural!